Former Athlete Becomes Inspirational Life Coach to People Around the World

September 14th, 2018

Austin, Texas – Born in Fiji, Tavaita Ruth rose from humble beginnings to become a world champion athlete in multiple sports categories. She set records in powerlifting, hammer throwing and basketball.

Now, at just 27 years old, Ruth is a retired athlete and current life coach to those who want to improve their own lives. She counsels both ordinary laypeople and sports athletes in how they can rise up and be successful in life just like she did.

“I love to motivate people and inspire them because it’s what I have been put here to do,” Ruth commented online. “I want people to know that we can do all things, not one thing but all things!”

It didn’t take long for Ruth’s online coaching services to attract attention, thanks to her celebrity status as a top-level athlete. Her work as a mentor and coach is already receiving great praise on her Facebook and Instagram profiles.

Ruth’s frequent clientele consists of people looking to increase their self-confidence, whether it’s in sports, business, personal relationships, and so on. Her clients are from numerous countries spread out around the globe, including the United States, Fiji, New Zealand, Australia, and Tonga.

Ruth’s entrepreneurial endeavors don’t stop there. In addition to online coaching, Ruth manages her own original brand and app. The latter is currently available to download in the Apple app store.

Written by Russell Lee

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